Create a Band

  • Add Band Members
    • The number of members you can have depends on your band's plan. Adding members provides access to everything they could need to get up an running in the band.
  • Share Band Files
    • Add logos, gig flyers, midi files, pictures, etc to your band files so that everyone in your band can view and download them.

Creating a band allows you to provide access to your band's data to all of your band members. You can collaborate on writing new songs, teach new members your music quickly, and work together to build setlists for your gigs.

Add Songs

  • Upload Audio Recordings
  • Add Your Band's Recordings to the Queue and Listen
    • You can queue up all of the music from all of the bands that you are a part of and listen back while navigating through the rest of the site.
  • Add Chord Charts
  • Add Sheet Music PDFs

Organize all of the data for your songs. Add chord charts, sheet music PDFs, and audio recordings to capture all of the information required to collaborate on music!

Add Gigs

  • Create Setlists
    • Make multiple versions while you are figuring out the order you want. Choose from your uploaded songs on the site.
  • Upload Audio Recordings of Gig Rehearsals

Create gigs in order to collaborate on setlists and to listen back to audio from your gig rehearsals.

Coming Soon...

  • Simultaneously Upload Multiple Sheet Music PDFs for a Single Instrument.

These are features that are planned to be built soon, but aren't currently available. Keep an eye out!